Hello! I found this community through mutual interests, and I'm excited to read through it. I also started a new community recently - ourlovelyhomes - and would like to invite everyone to post pics of your homes, design projects, and landscaping ideas! I cannot wait to get some ideas for my home. I've already done some remodeling, but have a lot of work left to do!


Hey everyone, I have a silent journal on here that I invite everyone to observe. It is a 2 year journey starting from December of last year that follows my path to my first self made million dollars over a 2 year period of time. Starting with essentially zero or more like negative zero. It follows my investments, career, my mental mindsets and beliefs that lead me on this path. Come along for the ride. I am 24 years old.
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Well, after doubling down on payments, we've paid off the mortagage on the house and have only the HELOC left. I know it sounds silly to keep the higher interest loan, but it allows us to pull out money if we need too and it is at a fixed rate only 1% higher than our first.

The remodel is sucking a lot of our money too, but for this first time since buying this house, I don't feel overwhelmed.

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Since January 1st I have been doing a silent blog on my path to my first million dollars starting from a large amount of debt. My journey is taking place over a two year period of time although I doubt it will take me that long to accumulate this much money through my endeavors. I invite you to come join me on my journey and learn from my experiences.

My journey to a million dollars

I have a silent blog on here (meaning I will not read or allow posting of comments or anything of the sort) that I freely invite you all to follow. It will take place over the next two years as I track my path to my first million dollars. I am 23 years old now and as you can read in my blog, I am starting from scratch. I promise whoever cares to follow along, it will be an amazing 2 year journey of wealth and discovery for myself and anyone that watches from the sidelines.

Best of luck!
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Water damage

So, our sprinkler system is a hodge podge of installations. And now I've found that one of the heads nearest the front door has been leaking and forming a rather large sink hole. I've turned off the water to that section of sprinklers and tonight I have to rip up the water line, terminate it at the next to last head and then fill the sink hole. I'm going to line the bottom of the hole with chicken wire, and then fill the hole up with rock and pebbles and then the last foot with earth. I'll be short a little sod, but I'll seed it. I don't even want to think what someone would charge me to do this.
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1st Post

Welcome to cashtrated!

My first post will be about Supplemental Property Tax. Beware of what permits you file. I just got slapped with a huge supplemental property tax bill for the improvements I did after purchasing my home.

I found out that this was because of the perceived increase of value for these improvements. I have my contractor's license, so I decided to do them of all myself, and I only filed for those things that would touch on other agencies (Edison and the Gas Company.) I did not file for work on the chimney, internal wiring or storm drains -- thank God.

Because I upgraded my electrical service from 100A to 200A (at a net cost to me of approx $800) and brought a gas line in from the street (my cost about $8000); the county has decided that I improved my house by $48,000. This (somehow) equated into a $4700 supplemental tax bill.

Beware of what you file permits for.

I'm going to reduct my house, and you can bet I wont file for that now that I know how the city & county treat honesty.