Smilin' Bob (tm) (wudles) wrote in cashtrated,
Smilin' Bob (tm)

1st Post

Welcome to cashtrated!

My first post will be about Supplemental Property Tax. Beware of what permits you file. I just got slapped with a huge supplemental property tax bill for the improvements I did after purchasing my home.

I found out that this was because of the perceived increase of value for these improvements. I have my contractor's license, so I decided to do them of all myself, and I only filed for those things that would touch on other agencies (Edison and the Gas Company.) I did not file for work on the chimney, internal wiring or storm drains -- thank God.

Because I upgraded my electrical service from 100A to 200A (at a net cost to me of approx $800) and brought a gas line in from the street (my cost about $8000); the county has decided that I improved my house by $48,000. This (somehow) equated into a $4700 supplemental tax bill.

Beware of what you file permits for.

I'm going to reduct my house, and you can bet I wont file for that now that I know how the city & county treat honesty.
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